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Una nit memorable en un espai únic, com és el Castell de la Gala.
Homenatge a Carles Hac Mor amb Ester Xargay, Vicenç Altaió, Marta Darder, Catalina Girona, Denys Blacker, Joan Casellas, Eduard Escoffet, Clara Garí, Salvador Giralt, Miquel Angel Marin, Josep Pedrals, David Ymbernon i Dolors Bosch.
Vull agraïr en primer lloc als poetes, a la Fundació Gala Dalí, a Petit Comité del disseny, a cervesa Moritz, a la Dolors de Cal Trop, a la meva familia i a la joventud de La Pera i Púbol per fer que una nit com la d'ahir fòs possible.
Aquí teniu el link al post del Facebook:

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Homage to Vazquez Montalban, starting in Frankfurt

Beach rice with a touch of cloud

Portraits of some Chefs in the Empordà, part of the Special Place project.

These are some of the portraits.

The project includes: 
Xavier Arrey (1), Pep i Roseta (2), Genis Moreno, Isaac Sabrià, Jordi Garrido, Miquel García (4), Pere Arpa (3), Quim Casellas, Sergi Climent and Vicenç Fajardo.

I want to thank the Gala Dalí Foundation to allow me to take one of the photographs in Gala's Castle in Púbol (1). I also want to thank all the chefs for being so kind and the Museu de la Confitura in Torrent for the order, and specially to Georgina Regàs.

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Two Walks in Andorra

Tempus Fugit exhibition with my video art work Two Walks, intill the 16th april in Andorra
Participation in the 55th edition of the Venice Biennale.
Joan Prats - Artgràfic gallery artist.

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Bye Bye Venice from Andorra
With Henry Périer, the commissioner that took us to Venice
55th Venice Biennale, Nappa90, Arsenale
Javier Balmaseda, Henry Perier, Samantha Bosque and Fiona Morrison

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Projecció de la pelicula Two Walks i conversa entorn de la Biennal de Venècia al Bòlit_La Rambla
El 26 de Novembre
Rbla Llibertat 1, 17004 Girona
Organitza Nau Côclea i Bòlit, Centre d'Art Contemporani de Girona

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Two Walks/Venice Biennale/june-december 2013/Andorra
(Music of the film by Roger Illa Prats and musical arrangements by Jordi Casadevall)
Click the image bellow to see the video of the andorran pavillion in youtube:
(by Mira Audiovisual)

Poster made by Petit Comité Barcelona

My project "Two walks" will be in Venice Biennale, in the Arsenale, Nappa 90, from june the first.
Commissioner: Henry Périer

Recording music for Two Walks, with Roger Illa Prats and Jordi Casadevall

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Exposició a Arts Santa Mónica. Llibre/Book L'U

Vull aprofitar l’espai del meu blog per fer uns quants agraiments, en primer lloc a Jordi Cervera per donar-me la oportunitat de crear un llibre amb tota la llibertat creativa. També vull agrair de tot cor a la Laia Noguera que acceptés compartir aquesta experiencia amb mi, i finalment a Vicenç Altaió per donar-nos la oportunitat de presentar L’U a Santa Monica i d’exposar-hi les imatges. Gracies a tots tres. També gracies especials al Quim, la qualitat del llibre i de moooltes mes coses sería una altra sense ell. Si aneu a icatfm.cat i aneu a llibres, hi trobareu L'U i hi podreu escoltar la falca i veure imatges.

Llocs on podeu trobar aquest llibre
La Central
La casa del llibre

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Helmut Middendorf

Markus Lupertz

Markus Lupertz, a special place. 135x160cm

Skulls are important in his work

This is part of a project of german artists portraits, I ask them to take me to their special place.
The catalan artists project was exhibited at my gallery in Barcelona, Joan Prats-Artgrafic in October 2006.

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Fiona Morrison "VIDA"You can see this picture in the following places:
2010: 21sept-20oct Tetuan; 28oct-30nov Casablanca; 9dec-10jan Rabat
2011: 20jan-20feb Fez; march-april Argelia; may-june Oran,Tunissia; sept-oct Athens; nov-dec Sofia

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*A special place/link Joan Prats-Artgrafic/exposicions anteriors 2006

The first artist I decided to photograph was EVRU / he told me he would like to be photographed in Barcelona; I asked if he preferred mountain or sea, and he said the sea. I picked him up at 4am in front of the Joan Prats-artgrafic gallery, where he was living and exhibiting at that moment… we went down Balmes street as far as Barceloneta…once there we saw a pier that went all the way out to sea, very near to the Olympic harbour, and we liked it…there…he started taking his clothes off…because he preferred to be photographed in the nude…it was very exciting for me to have the opportunity to take pictures of my first artist without clothes!!…Everything went very well, we had a splendid light at that time in the morning… and wonderful clouds. It was strange the effect of the light on the stones, you could see two different colors…and we chose one of those big rocks for Evru…while he was sitting on the stone…as if he had just landed from another planet, a fisherman came around, and he asked if we had fished a lot that morning, and when he realized that the man he was talking to was completely in the nude, he started running away from us.
I met PEREJAUME in Sant Pol de Mar…he wanted to take me for a walk on the beach…once there I saw him concentrating on the horizon…thinking of things…it was a short but pleasant meeting. We met a second time at his house…in Sant Pol too…we went together with Esther Xargay, who wanted to film and interview him for a program about the poet Maria Mercè Marçal…while he was concentrating on the interview…I took a Catalan wine jar from his kitchen, and placed it between him and my camera…it was very important for me to make show his Catalan identity show through…just like the first day we met on the beach in his Catalan shoes.
My first rendez vous with JORDI ALCARAZ was on the day after I met Perejaume on the beach. I already knew him from his work, which I liked a lot from the first time I saw it, we went on postponing our meeting waiting for the orange tree to produce fruit…he is in love with his orange tree garden… I took a picture of him against the wall of his patio in the shadow of the orange tree leaves…in another image he appears looking through black holes, thinking how long it would take the oranges to transform their intense green to their habitual colour.
I saw JOSEP GUINOVART at his house, in Castelldefels…. It was one of those days when the sun is extremely bright, and I felt sorry about forgetting my sunglasses at home, luckily I had my special filters otherwise that light would have been terrible for taking pictures. He opened the door and took me into his garden. I realize that a garden is a special and private corner of paradise for many of us, it’s a space that helps us become aware of the fact that we belong to this world…it is important even if it is small…as small as Jordi Alcaraz’s orange tree garden…we chose different corners of the garden full of memories of the past, tread on by this artist from dry land, clay, fields and cultivation’s…one notices the presence, perhaps only in imaginary feelings, of the land where he was born, Lleida…I visited him a second time to steal some seconds from his life…and expressed his anxiety for the war in Lebanon and its children.
I meet JAUME PLENSA invited me to his studio, the only place he feels like sharing, his magic place of creation…I try to avoid studios, because I think that creativity arises in other places, places where we recharge our batteries, where feelings are intensified, places where our moods change…I suppose that these places are sometimes so far away that it is difficult to get to them…or maybe they just exist in our minds…and we need to dream to get to them…He dedicated himself to me the whole morning…he read my mind and got into one of his huge sculptures…and so everything became paralyzed, we had the wild animal under control, inside its own creation…I couldn’t let that moment escape, and I decided to take a sequence of pictures at the moment he got out of this big sculpture…I created a little book, a little pocket video that moves when I want…I see he has got a close relationship with his sculptures, even these big structures whisper to him. A great seducer creates even bigger seducers…There is such big magic in his sculptures that the passing of time will never take them away from my absent minded…
FREDERIC AMAT received me very shyly the first time, I see in him a great seducer, a little bit more shy than Plensa…We took some pictures in several corners of his house and garden, introduced me to his little son, and I could see his eyes shining, the smile of a proud father and happy to have that little treasure with him…I took some pictures of them together…
I went back another day…and felt he was more comfortable than the first day, he introduced me to his wife, and we discovered that at that moment she was working with some of my pictures which were in a scientific-artistic book she was designing … That day we started playing in order to carry out the photographic sequences of my flipbooks…Jordi Alcaraz told me that Brossa called these little movement books FOLISCOPIS, and that’s the way I decided to name them.
The first time I saw ALBERT RÀFOLS-CASAMADA and MARIA GIRONA was at their flat in Barcelona. Ràfols told me that that corner with his armchair was a very special place for him…I noticed that Maria keeps an eye on her husband, and that she takes care of him. When I took photographs of them together, magic flowed, and in stead of seeing two elderly people, I saw two teenagers in love, smiling and full of private secrets…they looked so gorgeous one next to the other!... I wonder how many things they have been sharing through out their lives.
ANTONI TÀPIES and his wife Tresa, made me feel so excited, because they were so sweet, even if it was a short time. My legs started shaking when Tàpies got so near to me, interested in my studies and my things, asking all sort of questions and looking into my eyes…this legend who I never thought I could even ever meet…made me feel drunk with fear and respect…but after some seconds I recovered from this excitement and I was myself again…it seems like we are going to have a second appointment in Can Pins…looking forward to that!!!!
One day I decided to go to Valence, to see CARMEN CALVO. Once there I spent two days with her…she really took care of me. She made me feel so comfortable…she took me to her very old studio, where she had been working since the beginning, now empty…but full of memories. You could feel a nostalgic air in that space in ruins…. completely the opposite to her new studio where she works now…a very modern space, where little by little she has given it a personal atmosphere; it looked as if she was starting to get used to this change.
With JORGE POMBO we talked and talked, and after many meetings and coffees, we decided to travel by train…I had the feeling that one of his special places was travelling…he liked to observe and to catch everything that was happening around…I would say he is a great thinker who does not leave an empty space in his thoughts.
ALFONS BORRELL came to pick me up at the train station in Sabadell. He proposed staying for a while in his garden, a very special place, and very much alive…he has got a lot of turtles, it seems he breeds autochthon species to help a recuperation center for this animal. He explained everything to me about the plants that surrounded us while his dog was attentive to his master. I photographed him in his garden with his turtles and his dog Nit (Night). We decided to go up to a mountain nearby another day, and there we went one day Alfons, Nit and I.
ORIOL VILAPUIG took me to the cinema….a very inspiring and relaxing place for him, he took me to see La Notte, by Antonioni, what a present!.

Every artist is a new world to discover, I sheared very few hours with each of them, but they have been special moments, with people that made me feel comfortable… if I have found members of my family that I have met for the first time, sometimes words are not necessary…
I have known BENET ROSSELL since I was very young…I went to see his exhibitions with my mother when I was around 12 years old…I liked his work so much that I asked him to sign one of the exhibition posters for me…I had this poster on the door of my room for many years…he was very proud of this little girl asking him for his autograph. He and his wife took me for a walk around their neighborhood in Barcelona, Poble Sec and Rabal, after that we had lunch in an Italian restaurant in Sortidor square, and there I discovered the understanding between them.
CARLOS PAZOS opened the door of his house in pants!!….he had had a lot of phone calls that morning and had not had time to get dressed!!…while he was talking on the telephone he tried to find his trousers, then he hung up, and tried to find his belt too…then he called his wife to ask her if she knew where his belt was, finally he found it, and I started taking pictures of him when he was putting it on. Then we started talking for a while to decide where we could make our next appointment…and we decided to see each other again in the calm of Colliure.
With DAVID YMBERNON we decided to go to a white landscape with snow...we went to Núria, with Elisabeth his wife and Dada his son...we loved to look at the lands cape on the way, and we got to arrive there before the sunset...we walked arround the place on the wet snow, and they showed the snow to their son for the first time.
I went to see FERNANDO PRATS at his studio, we decided, not to plan things, just to catch them when they pass by…we took a big box he normally uses to create smoke, and we put it sideways on the terrace, we decided to take photos through the holes, just showing a piece of sky…he was concentrated watching the charcoal that was on the inside walls of the smoke box…and he felt the need to get close to that charcoal…and between laughs and satisfaction he painted his face…we felt so happy after that session!!!
All the moments I shared with each one of them was special…MAYTE VIETA, opened the doors of her house, and like many others took me to her corner of life, her garden, that shows the passing of time, where trees don’t stop growing, which made us aware of the reality of live, that we are growing as well…they need care, water and vitamins to stop illness and death.
We spoke non-stop, drinking bear, in her terrace surrounded by plants…I’m sure we will see each other again…
The first time I met JOAQUIM CHANCHO was at his studio in Barcelona…when I do not know the person I want to photograph, I try to have a first meeting in order to explain my idea…I ask them to think of a special place…if possible outside, a place of inspiration…where they feel they can charge batteries…I took some pictures in his studio, but we decided to meet again at his house-studio in Tarragona. I spent a whole day with him and his family. He showed me every corner of his land, I discovered new colors in that landscape. Everything is in order; in the right place…it inspires calm…
To photograph MODEST CUIXART we decided to have a walk arround his house, and he showed me his three cypress trees, one of the most important places of his garden, and I did the photograph there with his little dog on his arms. We decide to go for a walk, around Palafrugell, another day, and perhaps we will look through some books in the library too.
I visited VICENÇ VIAPLANA in his studio in Granollers…the first special place he thought of was a green field in his garden which he takes care of by cutting the grass once a week. I took pictures of him cutting the grass…that’s his space and his moment.
TONI LLENA opened the door of his house in Vallvidrera to me, he did not hug me, but he did it with his eyes. We drank a cup of tea, as if it was one of the thousands we had had before…he gave me his opinion about what I am doing, and he reminded me that I have to feel free in everything I want to do and create…I felt as if I was with an uncle, a friend or with a father, someone who cares for me…I could not stop feeling as if I was one of the family… I took a picture of him beside a big fig tree, a fig tree with very long roots, a fig tree that is conscious of the difficulties in life, and that whispers in my ear to be careful to who I open my heart to, and not to trust too much, or just not to expect anything in return after giving…thanks Toni for telling me to feel free with the images that I have stolen from you.
PERE NOGUERA was a last moment present from Vicenç Altaió in La Bisbal, I went to his house-studio…and while Vicenç and I were having a look through some works, I saw Pere watering the dead plants in his garden…that attracted my attention and I decided to keep that particular moment by photographing him. We decided to meet another day to look for one of his special places
My father JOHN MORRISON and I went to spend some days with my grandparents in England, they live in a beautiful village…next to a river…there is quite a big harbour with many boats. We sat down next to the river…and lots of ducks and swans started to appear. Suddenly a special atmosphere appeared and I decided to take some pictures of him…just there…very close to his parents…the land where he was born and left 45 years ago…pulled by the power of the Mediterranean sun and the sound of Catalan traditional sardana music.
JOSEP UCLÉS wanted to show me a castle in the north, the Quermançó castle and its surroundings, the Countess of Molins lived there, and there are lots of stories about her…once there I wanted him to blow a seed flower, the biggest I have ever seen, and it blew in the air over part of this landscape…shaping it in our way…I decided to put the Castle as if it had just landed from the past, behind Josep…as if by just blowing it could disappear forever.
Another day we decided to go to the Santa Maria del Mar church, to light some candles…it’s always good to ask for wishes!!!
I made an appointment with RIERA I ARAGÓ on the stairs of the Pedralbes Monastery. He spent lots of his early days in this place, meeting girls and friends…we decided to see each other another day in a very special place for him, on the Sant Pere Pescador beach, also a very special place for me…

I have been living through a variety of funny and tender situations…let’s see what excuse I can find in the future to experience them again…after sharing so many special places whith them.
I have the wish to go to Mallorca in August, after my visit to Tàpies in Can Pins, to share some other moments with Miquel Barceló, Campano, Broto and José MªSicilia…. destiny will tell…
Thanks to each one of you, for your collaboration in this project in this unique way.

...a special place
...intimate moments
...reflection spaces
...a special place...
...the day by day
...moments and places in our inconscience
...does there exist a special place for me?
...a meeting point
...the artist space
...confortable situation


To Fiona,

One of photography’s raisons d’être is to question things.
We are on the terrace at the Fundació Miró and have to dodge the scaffolding, the test tiles. I ask the photographer to show me how she would like me to stress my posture.
She replies: “First, I must find you.”
I notice that while she holds the camera with one hand, with the other she clasps a piece of coloured methacrylate that probably captures other shots, oh, how mysterious! Perhaps she’ll bring the emptiness of the city to me and manage to transfer it to my soul. For they are identical!
I turn the sheet round. I don’t think my eye will entice the writing into appearing legible. I wouldn’t like it to reveal what I’m writing while she is photographing.
Now I’ve sensed your essence: nature. You choose the beauty that shoots up; I belong to the void.
The sheets of paper are flurried in the breeze, their edges raised by against the angles of the architecture of the void and of light. As if my soul were to take flight, I don’t know why but photography always leads me to death, to the evidence of the passage of time. I drift away in the breeze, cremated. If you captured this you would have created something immemorial.
Moreover, I think it would be valuable if your photography endorsed the coming together of our souls: the nature of tidy photography and the city of untidy writing, like this.
I’ll conclude by lifting my pen off the sheet so that photography can rise instead of being grounded on something. Like the whole. Like memory.
Sincerely, Vicenç

Vicenç Altaió in Joan Miró Foundation
by Fiona Morrison

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*Un lloc especial/ escrit de Fiona M./"Un lugar especial"/escrito de Fiona M

El primer artista que vaig fotografiar va ser l’Evru / Em va dir que li feia il·lusió ser fotografiat a Barcelona, li vaig preguntar si preferia mar o muntanya, i sense pensar-s’ho em va dir que el mar./ El vaig passar a recollir a la Galeria Joan Prats-Artgràfic, a les quatre de la matinada, perquè allà hi vivia provisionalment mentre hi exposava. . . I vam anar Balmes avall fins arribar a la Barceloneta. . . Un cop allà ens va agradar un dels espigons que sobresortien cap al mar, molt a prop del Port Olímpic. . . I allà . . . es va començar atreure la roba . . . ja que preferia ser fotografiat nu. . . esta clar que jo estava encantada de poder fotografiar el meu primer artista sense roba . . . Tot va anar molt be, teníem una llum espectacular I uns núvols molt bonics. / Em va cridar la atenció que amb aquella llum es veien dos colors de pedres.. . i en vam escollir una per l’Evru. . .mentre estava assegut a la pedra. . .com acabat d’aterrar del seu planeta es va acostar un pescador despistat ...i ens va preguntar si havien pescat molt. . .i l’Evru va contestar que havien pescat moltes fotografies boniques. . .aquell pescador en adonar-se que aquell home estava nu s’en va anar corrents!!
Amb en Perejaume vàrem quedar a Sant Pol…Li feia il·lusió passejar per la platja. . . I un cop allà el vaig veure concentrat en l’horitzó. . .pensant en les seves coses. . .va ser una trobada curta, però agradable./Vàrem quedar una segona vegada a casa seva. . .també a Sant Pol. . .aprofitant que l’Esther Xargay havia de fer-li una entrevista, per un reportatge que estava preparant sobre la Maria Mercè Marçal. De qui ell en era amic./ Aprofitant la seva distracció amb l’entrevista. . .vaig trobar un porró en un raconet de casa seva, I el vaig posar entre ell I la meva càmara / va ser com una necessitat inevitable, per evidenciar la identitat que transmetia aquell primer dia a la platja…amb les seves espardenyes.
La meva trobada amb Jordi Alcaraz va ser just el dia desprès de veure en Perejaume a la platja. De fet ja hi havia establert un vincle amb ell a traves de la seva obra, que em va agradar moltísim des de la primera vegada que la vaig veure, vàrem anar retardant la nostra trobada esperant que el taronger del pati del seu estudi tingués taronges. . .esta enamorat dels seus tarongers I del seu pati. . .El vaig fotografiar al mur del seu pati, a l’ombra de les fulles del seu taronger. . .en una altra imatge apareix xafardejant per uns forats negres, pensant quant devia faltar perquè les taronges transformessin el deu verd intens al seu color habitual.
La primera vegada que quedo amb Josep Guinovart es a casa seva, a Castelldefels. . . es un dia d’aquells que el sol es d’una intensitat exagerada I maleeixes haver oblidat les ulleres de sol,/, sort dels filtres perquè aquella llum es excessiva per qualsevol òptica. M’obre la porta de casa seva, I em proposa fer una volta pel seu jardí. . .. . .M’adono que aquest espai propi I privat, es un racó de paradís per molts de nosaltres, es un espai que potser ens ajuda a ser conscients que pertanyem a aquest mon, es important per petit que sigui…com petit es el raconet dels tarongers de Jordi Alcaraz. . . Aprofito molts racons d’aquest jardí, ple de records I trepitjat per les cames I peus d’aquest artista de terra ferma, fang, camps I cultius. . .es nota la presència, potser només en sensacions imaginades de la seva Lleida natal. . .hi torno un altre dia per robar uns instants de la seva vida…I m’expressa el seu neguit per la Guerra del Líban I els seus nens.
En Jaume Plensa em convida al seu estudi, l’únic lloc que li be de gust compartir, es el seu racó màgic I de creació. . . intento defugir les trobades als estudis, ja que penso que la creació es cou en altres llocs, llocs on carreguem piles I a on s’ens intensifiquen les sensacions, llocs que ens canvien els estats d’ànim. . .suposo que aquests llocs de vegades, son tant llunyans que no hi arribem amb un cop de cotxe...o potser només existeixen al nostre cervell…I hem de somiar per arribar-hi. . .Em dedica amb cos I anima un matí sencer. . .em llegeix el pensament I s’introdueix en una de les seves escultures, I així, tot queda paralitzat, tenim a la fera, plena d’energia, amansida una estoneta, dins la seva pròpia creació. . .no puc deixar escapar aquells moments. . . decideixo fer una seqüència I fotografio el moment de l’escapada. . . un llibret en moviment, un petit vídeo de butxaca que es belluga al meu caprici. . . . . . El veig molt vinculat amb les seves escultures, fins I tot aquestes grans estructures se li insinuen. Veig que un gran seductor crea encara mes grans seductors. . . . Hi ha una màgia en aquelles escultures, que no crec que el pas del temps la pugui esborrar de la meva memòria despistada.
En Frederic Amat em rep tímid la primera vegada. Capto a un grandíssim seductor, una mica mes tímid que en Plensa. . . Fem alguna fotografia per racons de casa seva I del seu jardí, em presenta al seu fill, en aquell moment li comencen a brillar els ulls, I li be aquell somriure de pare orgullós I feliç de tenir aquell petit a prop seu. . .també els fotografio junts.
Un altre dia torno…I ja esta mes còmode amb la meva presència, em presenta a la seva dona…qui…casualitats de la vida, estava treballant amb algunes fotografies meves que anaven dins un catàleg científic-artístic que ella estava dissenyant…Aquell dia en Frederic es presta a jugar amb mi per realitzar la seqüència del foliscopi . . .En Jordi Alcaraz em diu que en Brossa en deia Foliscopis a aquests petits llibrets de moviment… I decideixo adoptar-ne el nom.
La meva trobada amb Albert Ràfols Casamada i Maria Girona, va ser a casa seva, En Ràfols em va dir que aquell racó amb la seva butaca era molt especial per ell. . .noto que la Maria esta molt pendent del seu marit, I que el cuida, quan els fotografio junts apareix la màgia, I en lloc de veure dues persones ja grans, veig a dos adolescents enamorats, riallers I plens de complicitat. . . estan tant bonics un al costat de l’altre. . . I penso quantes coses deuen haver compartit!!
L’Antoni Tàpies I la seva dona Tresa, em van fer vibrar d’allò mes, perquè van ser molt carinyosos I atents amb mi, tot I que va ser una trobada curta curtíssima. Al principi em tremolaven les cames, ja que trobar-me a un pam I mig de distància I mirant-me als ulls I preguntant-me coses. . . a aquell mite que pensava que no tindria mai davant meu…m’emborratxava de por I respecte…però això va quedar superat amb pocs segons de temps...i de seguida vaig recuperar la meva persona. . . sembla que tindrem una segona trobada a Can Pins. . .i l’espero amb candeletes.
Un dia decideixo anar cap a València perquè la Carmen Calvo m’hi convida. Allà em dedica dos dies sencers. . .i procura que no em falti de res. No tinc paraules per expressar de quina manera em va rebre, em vaig sentir molt afalagada. . . Em va portar al seu taller de tota la vida, ara buit, però ple de records. S’hi respirava una certa nostàlgia en aquell espai mig enrunat. . .contrastava davant la modernitat del nou taller on treballa actualment, I a on poc a poc s’hi ha fet el seu mon particular, I a on sembla que s’hi comença a trobar tant be com allà on havia treballat sempre.
Amb en Jorge Pombo, desprès de moltes trobades I converses, decidim fer un viatge amb tren……un dels seus llocs especials dedueixo que son els viatges……es observador I absorbeix com una esponja tot allò que l’envolta……diria que es un gran pensador que no deixa mai un racó en blanc en els seus pensaments
L’Alfons Borrell em be a buscar a l’estació de Sabadell. Em proposa estar una estoneta al seu jardí, un lloc molt especial, I dels mes viscuts. . .hi te moltíssimes tortugues, es veu que cria la tortuga autòctona I les porta a un centre de recuperació d’aquesta espècie./ Em parla de totes les plantes que ens envolten, mentre el seu gos, es allà, present I pendent del seu amo. Li faig una fotografia al jardí, amb les seves tortugues I el seu gos nit. / Decidim anar un altre dia d’excursió a una muntanya dels voltants…I allà vàrem anar un dia l’Alfons, la Nit I jo.
L’Oriol Vilapuig em proposa anar al cinema……un lloc molt inspirador I relaxant per a ell, em porta a veure LA NOTTE de l’Antonioni, tot un regal.

Cada artista es un mon a descobrir, he compartit poques hores amb cada un d’ells, però son moments especials, amb gent que no s’hem fa estranya. . . son com trobades amb familiars que no has conegut abans, però que hi notes un vincle inevitable, ens entenem amb la Mirada, moltes vegades no calen gaires paraules…
A en Benet Rossell ja el tinc present des de molt petita. . . ja que quan jo tenia uns 12 anyets vaig anar a una de les seves inauguracions de ma de la meva mare. . .i em va agradar tant l’obra que li vaig demanar que em fes un autògraf al cartell que anunciava la seva exposició……de fet he tingut penjat aquest cartell fins fa pocs anys a la meva habitació. . .ell sempre m’ho recorda…es veu que li va fer molta gràcia.
Ell I la seva dona em van acompanyar pels seus barris Barcelonins, el Poble Sec i el Rabal, vàrem dinar en un Restaurant italià que hi havia a La Plaça del Sortidor, allà vaig mirar de captar la complicitat que hi havia entre tots dos.
En Carlos Pazos em rep en calçotets!!!. . .es veu que amb tantes trucades aquell mati encara no havia tingut temps de vestir-se abans que jo arribés!!. . . mentre parla per telèfon mira de trobar els pantalons, de seguida penja, I llavors desesperat no troba el cinturó, i truca a la seva dona per si sap on es, finalment el troba, I capto el moment en que sel posa. Llavors parlem una estona per decidir a on serà la nostra propera trobada…I decidim quedar un dia a la tranquil·litat de Cotlliure.

Amb en David Ymbernon decidim anar un dia a buscar un paisatge blanc i nevat……anem a parar a Núria, amb l’Elisabet I el Dada que ens acompanyen……gaudim del paisatge i aconseguim arribar al nostre destí abans que es pongui el sol……passegem una estona per la neu mullada, i ensenyen per primer cop la neu al nouvingut.
Amb en Fernando Prats quedem al seu estudi I decidim improvisar, de fet es la meva pràctica preferida……sempre acabes trobant mes coses aprofitant el present dels moments……allà agafem una caixa d’aquelles que s’ha fet ell fer FABRICAR FUM, i la posem de costat al terrat del seu estudi, decidim fer fotografies a traves dels forats que hi ha, fent aparèixer el cel per un d’ells……es queda bocabadat amb el carbó que hi ha a les parets de la caixa de fum……i sent la necessitat d’apropar-se a aquell carbó……i entre rialles i satisfacció es pinta la cara……ens sentim realitzats desprès d’aquella sessió!!!
Tots els moments que comparteixo amb cada un d’ells son especials……la Mayte Vieta, em rep a casa seva, i com molts altres em porta al seu raconet de vida, el seu jardí, que marca el pas del temps, a on hi ha arbres que no paren de créixer i ens fan conscients que dia a dia i de mica en mica nosaltres també creixem……necessiten que els cuidem, que els donem aigua i vitamines per així retardar la malaltia i la mort, i poder acumular mes i mes records.
Parlem pels descosits prenent una cervesa en el seu porxo rodejat de plantes…se que ens tornarem a veure.
La primera trobada amb Joaquim Chancho va ser al seu estudi de Barcelona. . . Quan no conec a qui vull fotografiar, miro de fer una primera trobada per poder explicar millor la meva idea. . . Els demano que escullin un lloc especial. . . Si pot ser a l’aire lliure, un lloc inspirador, a on han notat que hi carreguen les piles…/…li faig algunes fotografies al seu estudi. . . Però decidim trobar-nos un altre dia a la seva casa-estudi de Tarragona. Allà passo un dia sencer amb ell i la seva família. / M’ensenya els voltants de la casa. Descobreixo colors nous en aquell paisatge, i em fan pensar en els colors de les seves obres. /Tot està ordenadíssim. . .al seu lloc. . .i es respira tranquil·litat. . .una família i un entorn acollidor.
Per fotografiar en Modest Cuixart vam decidir passejar pels voltants de casa seva i em va senyalar els seus tres xipresos, un dels racons mes importants del seu jardí, i li vaig fer la fotografia allà junt amb el seu gosset inseparable. Decidim quedar un altre dia per fer un passeig pels carrers de Palafrugell, i potser fullejar alguns llibres a la llibreria.
Visito a en Vicenç Viaplana al seu estudi de Granollers. . . el primer lloc que li be al cap es un prat, un prat que cuida ell i que forma part del seu jardí. El fotografio un dia tallant la gespa del seu prat. . .aquell es el seu espai i el seu moment.
En Toni Llena em rep a la seva casa estudi de Vallvidrera, no m’abraça però com si ho fes amb la Mirada, prenem un te, com si ja en portéssim dotzenes. . . opina sobre el que estic fent, em recorda el dret a sentir-me lliure amb allò que vull fer i vull crear…em sento al costat d’un tiet, un amic o un pare que es preocupa per mi…no puc evitar sentir-me en família… El fotografio al costat d’una gran figuera, una figuera amb les arrels molt llargues, una figuera que ha sigut conscient de les dificultats de la vida, i que em xiula a l’orella, que esculli a qui he d’obrir el cor, i que no em confií massa, o si mes no, que no esperi res a canvi desprès de donar…gràcies Toni perquè em demanes que em senti lliure amb aquestes imatges que t’acabo de robar.
En Pere Noguera es un regal d’últim moment, una trobada amb Vicenç Altaió a La Bisbal, passo una estona a la seva casa estudi i mentre en Vicenç i jo parlem veig que es posa aregar les plantes mortes que hi ha al seu jardí…allò em crida la atenció i decideixo fotografiar-lo regant el seu jardí…decidim trobar-nos un altre dia per cercar un dels seus llocs especials.
El meu pare John Morrison i jo anem a passar uns dies a casa dels meus avis a Anglaterra, el poble on viuen es preciós…esta al costat d’un riu…i hi ha un port força gran amb molts vaixells. Ens asseiem a la vora del riu…i comencen a aparèixer ànecs i cignes, i es crea un entorn molt especial…decideixo fotografiar-lo allà…aprop dels seus pares…la terra que va abandonar fa 45 anys………impulsat per l’amor a primera vista quan va posar els seus peus en terres catalanes i va escoltar el deliciós so de les sardanes.
En Josep Uclés em diu que te ganes d’ensenyar-me el Castell de Quermançó i el seu entorn, a on hi va viure la Comtessa de Molins, de qui s’expliquen moltes llegendes……allà tinc la necessitat que bufi una flor de llavors, de les mes grans que he vist mai, i així escampa en l’aire una part d’aquell paisatge…i el modelem al nostre caprici……faig aterrar per uns moments aquell castell darrera en Josep…com si amb un cop d’aire hagués de desaparèixer per sempre.
Un altre dia l’acompanyo a Santa Maria del Mar a encendre un ciri!…sempre va be demanar desitjos!!
Amb en Riera i Aragó quedem a les escales del monestir de Pedralbes… allà havia sigut en algun moment un racó de flirteig, y també de complicitats amb amics……decidim quedar un altre dia en un altre lloc especial per ell, la Platja de Sant Pere Pescador……curiosament un lloc també molt especial per mi.

He viscut situacions divertides, tendres i variades……aviam quina excusa em busco ara per tornar-los a trobar desprès d’haver viscut amb ells llocs tant especials!!!

Tinc l’impuls d’acostar-me a Mallorca a finals d’Agost, desprès de la meva desitjada visita a en Tàpies a Can Pins, per visitar i mirar de poder passar uns minuts o unes hores amb en Miquel Barceló, en Campano, en Broto i amb en José MªSicilia……ho deixaré en mans del destí.

Gràcies a cada un de vosaltres per haver col·laborat d’una manera tant única i especial en aquest projecte…

…un lloc especial
…moments íntims
…espai de reflexió
…un lloc especial
…lo quotidià
…moments i llocs que estan a l’inconscient
…existeix algun lloc d’aquests per mi?
…un punt de trobada
…espai de l’artista
…situació còmode