EMPORDONESES Art Festival in Figueres

Group Shows

Curator: Pilar Farres

In colaboration with Museu de l'Empordà

2023 ALTERNATIVE AMBIGUITIES (Dilogies alternatives) a work made together with Michelle Wilson called "Do you want to play?" (Vols Jugar?)

2022 AWAKENING OF THE CLASSICS (Despertar dels clàssics), a work made together with Pilar Farres and Michelle Wilson  "Entanglement" (Embull) , an interpretation of the essay The Hurricane by Carme Montoriol

2021 A STRANGER IN ITS PLACE (Un estrany en el seu habitat) with my work "Give me a world" (Dona’m un mòn) 

2020 IMMERSION (Immersió) A hommage to Narcís Monturiol,  catalan inventor of the submarine, with my work "Trophees Under The Sea" (Trofeus sota l'aigua)

2018 CLIMATIC CHANGE(Canvi climatic) With my work "Milk", made with 1.024 recicled iogurt containers

Virtual visit/Visita virtual

TV Tramuntana

 TV3 Comarques

2017 MOBILEPHONES (Mobils) with my work "Come"

2016 REFUGEES (Fugi Refugi) with my work "Refugees"

2015 BICICLE (Bici&Art) with my work "Excavation"