L'U (The One)

Solo Show and book presentation 

Exhibition in Arts Santa Mónica

Photographs and vídeo by Fiona Morrison
Book L'U by Laia Noguera i Clofent and Fiona Morrison
Curator: Vicenç Altaió

In these images with Laia Noguera, Vicenç Altaió and Jordi Cervera from Editorial Arola

I want to take advantage of the space on my blog to express a few thanks. Firstly, to Jordi Cervera for giving me the opportunity to create a book with complete creative freedom. I also want to sincerely thank Laia Noguera for agreeing to share this experience with me, and finally Vicenç Altaió for giving us the opportunity to present L’U in Santa Monica and exhibit the images there. 

Si aneu a icatfm.cat i aneu a llibres, hi trobareu L'U i hi podreu escoltar la falca i veure imatges.

You can find the book here:
La Central
La casa del llibre

Images of the opening: