SOS The last Supper

Group Show

White Summer Festival (Pals)
By Michelle Wilson, Pilar Farres, Tatiana Blanquè, Fiona Morrison and MAGAM music

A well set table. Thirteen numbered goblets. Everything is ready. The dishes and cutlery of plastic, the tablecloth of plastic, the room dotted with nets and bottles of plastic, is prepared for the occasion. This is a special meal. Guests are invited to taste... plastic. 

SOS: The Last Supper is a visual and aural installation that aims to raise public awareness about the urgent need for a change of social paradigm regarding the production, consumption, use and dependence on plastic, a material that has become a critical threat to our environment. This human-driven form of contamination has irreversible consequences for nature and the creatures of our planet, and especially for our seas and oceans, which are accumulating dramatic amounts of plastic waste within their depths.
The staging of the installation refers one of the most well-known iconographic motifs of occidental art, the Last Supper. The references to this biblical event, as well as to the long European tradition of still lifegive rise to a sacred and allegorical symbolismwhich gives meaning and transcendence to the scene and to the meeting that will take place thereWithin a seductive and hypnotizing setting, with transparencies and shapes that overlap, with the calm intensity of the blue, the installation directly invites the viewer to participate in this solemn final meal, a meal which is a vivid metaphor of the urgency we face as a society to act and face up to a serious threat, before it is too late. It’s a last supper, which shows that although forms of art have changed, traditional symbolism still has validity and strength in our times.