dimarts, de maig 14

Exposició El Joc

Art exhibition at the Valvi Foundation in Girona. All the art installations were interactive, everybody that visited the exhibition could play with them, the younger ones and the older ones. Here I am showing images of the opening.

Imatges de la Inauguració (Photographs by Rafel Bosch)

With the Vidal couple owners of Valvi Foundation and director Maguí Noguer 

With the Art commissioner of the Andorran Government

Presentig Montse Miàs the composer of the music in the vídeo Ocells/Birds

Ester Xargay poet and writer, myself and Maguí Noguer director of Valvi Foundation
Presenting the exhibition

Marta and Vega from Magam, the creators of Once Upon A Territory Soundtrack

Montse, Maguí, me,Vega, Marta and Ester in front of the image El Vol/The Flight